Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence
Guided Tours of Florence

More About Florence

Discover the Medici family villas, treasures of Tuscany!

A visit to the Medici villas during your stay in Tuscany is an experience not to be missed. You will get away from the chaos of the city and discover what are real architectural jewels immersed in nature and rich in history.

A guide to Florence for film lovers!

  Loved by directors from all over the world, Florence has been the film set of numerous films, which celebrate the transfiguring beauty of its squares and churches.

Discover Florence with my Assassins ’Creed tour

Playing as Ezio Auditore in fifteenth-century Florence is an exciting experience as well as following in his footsteps in today's Florence! My Assassins' Creed guided tour is dedicated to all fans of this hugely successful game who want to see Ezio Auditore's places live.

A guide to Michelangelo’s artworks in Florence!

See them all with our private guided tour in the footsteps of Michelangelo. Michelangelo’s masterpieces are a “must see” when you are here. In Florence, the most famous masterpiece by him is obviously David.

A family friendly tour of Florence in one day

If you're coming to Florence with your family for one or two days only, you should plan your visit with special attention.

Explore the best five gardens of Florence!

  One of my favorite guided tours is certainly the Florentine gardens tour. Here is my personal ranking of the five Florentine gardens not to be missed during your visit!   First place in the ranking for the Bardini Garden.

Special tips for passengers from cruise ships.

How to plan the best private shore excursion to Florence in a few steps saving time and money! Are you travelling on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea stopping in Livorno or La Spezia?  This is the place to plan ahead your day in Florence, Pisa or Lucca with my private shore excursions.

Lucca, the quiet and historic gem of Tuscany!

Explore it with a private guided tour at a slow pace and away from the crowds of Florence! If you are tired of the massive crowds of Florence, regenerate yourselves with a trip to Lucca and discover its beauties with my private walking tour! Tuscany is a region which recalls to our mind of art, rolling hills, wine and excellent food.

Foodies welcome! Gourmet tour in Florence

A relaxing and mouth watering tour through the city markets and its food specialties! No trip to Florence is complete without tasting local food and seeing the local markets!   So let’s talk about my gourmet tour of Florence, a fun way to discover the food and the markets of Florence.

How many days to visit Florence?

This is the most frequently asked question by people planning their vacations to Florence. Some helpful tips to plan your best tour of Florence in three days.

Florence by night & a Night at the Uffizi and Accademia.

Have a break from the crowds of tourists and join my guided tour of Florence and its museums by night! Some evenings ago I was walking in the center of Florence at sunset and I was thinking about how Florence looks completely different in the evening.