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What is a “sagra”? A “village-festival” is the answer!

 The etymological meaning of the word “sagra” comes from the religious world because a “sagra” was a feast celebrated in front of temples and later in squares in front of churches or better to say in the part called “sagrato” (church courtyard). During a first moment in the history of village-feasts some agricultural products were offered to say thank you to the Earth and they were shared with all the people living in the village. Today a “sagra” is village-festival dedicated to a local product. In small villages you can recognize the real Italian life… the smaller it is the more authentic it will be. To look for a sagra it could transform your holydays in an adventure,  try to imagine what an experience it could be driving through the white paths, parking you car in a field, and then walk till you reach the historical  center of the small village that could be situates on the top of a hill with a castle commanding a view over the valley. In real traditional sagra typical dishes are cooked by women living in the village. If you are in the surroundings of the Pisan Hills or the Chianti Region typical “sagra” that you will find in this moment of the year are “sagra della schiacciata”,  “sagra della Ciliegia in Lari” and “sagra della fragola”.  A village-festival is for ecotourism lovers or for the ones that would like to respect nature and eat very natural, biologic, high quality food. Buon appetito!

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