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Saint John the Baptist, Patron Saint of Florence

The weekend that has just passed by in Florence, people were celebrating Saint John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of our town. His cult is present in Florence since the Longobards were on our territory in the VI century, but it is during medieval times that this town has started to remember his name every June 24th. Saint John was chosen for his personal caracteristics as the main Saint among other important ones celebrated in Florence. He was clear with his words and brief in teachings, he was brave so that florentins could relate themeselves to him. Today this tradition is still deeply felt both by the ones who were born in Florence and the ones who have made of Florence their town. This special day is plenty of new events every year, all inside a long established frame, closed by spectacular, amazing fireworks reflecting their light colours on the Arno river. It’s talking about this day to a friend of mine which owns a farmhouse in the Tuscan Countryside Agriturismo Montalto that another tradition regarding June 24th has come to our mind: a pagan tradition is the so called “Acqua di San Giovanni” (a special kind of water obtained during the night between the 23rd and 24th June). Everything starts with a rite: the day before the incoming night, a person (usually a woman) collects all kind of flowers, leaves, herbs and at sunset puts all of them into a bowl filled with fresh water that will be exposed to the starry sky during the night. old myths says that the passage between spring and summer conferes a special power to dewdrops that falling into the bowl will make that water magic. then on 24th june early in the morning Acqua di San Giovanni can be used to wash hair, face and bodin order to purify,let hair grow thicker, have chance and make wishes come true. I leave you here some pictures about how we have prepared it and I invite you to contact to know more about our history, tradition, museums in Florence,Lucca and Pisa and all Tuscany.

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