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Unicorn Feast in Vinci, 28-29 July

Ready to see elfs, knights, wizards and fairies? Then come to Vinci, a lovely medieval town known for being Leonardo’s birthplace and the setting of the Unicorn’s Feast taking place on 28th and 29th July! An event dedicated to all people that love comics, cosplay (that is the practice of dressing oneself as a character of  a comics, Fantasy book or movie) and Fantasy literature. The streets and squares of Vinci will be crowded with characters from the most popular Manga and Fantasy fiction books such as , for example, the Throne of Swords. The town will be divided into 5 different thematic areas: the Pirates’ Bay, the Enchanted Fortress, the Court of the Dreams, the Knights’ town, Comics & Folly. In every one there will be different events such as the Naval Battle, Magical Arts Challenge, the elfs’ parade, falcons and jugglers shows, The Witches’ Trial and many more fantastic events!


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