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Tiziano Terzani: Florentine Jounalist, writer.. or spiritual master?

Today I’d like to talk about Tiziano Terzani, a florentine journalist of great reknown. He was born in Florence September 4, 1938, and in its town he spent his last years til 2004. I’d like to talk about him because I think that his books are an open door  on Asia, Africa, China, Russia and Himalaya. They are books for the ones that would like to better  understand what was that world and what it was going to become. Tiziano Terzani was a  journalist but in his books he mixed his working experience with his life. What is touching is the human experience he made, and the beliefs he was reflecting on, specially his book A Fortune-Teller Told Me and the following books he wrote meanwhile he was facing the cancer they are full of meditations on the meaning of life, where occidental and oriental world meet. A movie on his life took inspiration by one of his last works: Ultimo giro di giostra, it is a German production whose director is Jo Baier and I suggest you to watch it as an introduction to this important Florentine writer. In his works history and spirituality go together in journeys through places that are difficult to understand. Enjoy it! Tatiana    

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