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The pavement of the Duomo of Siena unveiled

Coming to visit Siena from 18 August to 24 October 2012? You’re lucky! For two months only the pavement of the Duomo will be unveiled so that the thousands of visitors that come to Siena will admire the magnificent pavement decorated with 56 mosaics made with different tecniques from the XIVth to the XIXth century. Many different artists contributed to this unique masterpiece (Domenico Beccafumo, Pinturicchio, Sassetta among the others) showing famous episodes from the greek mythology and from the Old Testament composing a simbolical path towards Salvation. For two months only you will have the opportunity to see them, then as usual, the pavement will be covered with a wooden protection until next year! The Duomo is open every day and the ticket price is € 6,00, but we assure you that it’s really worth it!

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