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The Old Carrara Marble Road

If you would like to better know Tuscany, you should try this tour that goes through Carrara Marble quarries and Versilia. In Tuscany there is an area between Carrara and Lucca towered by the Apuan Alps and their beautiful white marble. Your local guide will tell you the story of marble extraction since the Romans where here to today and how all this had an influence on people living in this tuscan corner. Thanks to our marble we invented a typical local food: Lardo di Colonnata, it’s only by tasting it that you could undertand why it is so famous and deliciuos. From the quarries you will go down the slopes to reach Serravezza, a small village where Michelangelo – the great sculptor – lived when he was in Versilia to choose the marble to carve his statues. Also the Medici family had their influence here and they changed the story of Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, in fact in this small village in Versilia there is an imponent Medician villa. At lunch it will be possible to taste delighful local food: extra virgin olive oil, excellent wine…all the rest will be a surprise! After lunch a photo-stop in Forte dei Marmi to see how this place was used as a place for the marble trade and it became a place for holydays. You will close the day with a visit in Pietrasanta. It’s an an experience you should try!

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