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The longest night in Florence: Notte Bianca 2012

This is the third edition of the so called ‘Notte Bianca’: the White Night, when shops, bars, restaurants and museums are open till night or, in same cases, till morning! Last year it’s been a great success with 150.000 people enjoying the streets and squares of our beautiful city and this year it will be another ‘crazy’ night: on 3oth April the museums of the Uffizi and Palazzo Vecchio will be open at night (and this is a unique experience!) and they will host dancing performances; there will be tango lessons and milongas in Santa Croce Square while Piazza della Repubblica will be entertained by a funky/rock concert; the bridges of the city will be enlighted by paper lanterns that will be put on the water of the Arno river at midnight…Santa Maria Novella Square will host a market and there will be guided tours of the church and its clousters…These are just a few events that are going to take place in our city! Remember to dress in white and it will be a loooooong night!!!!

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