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The feast of the ‘Volto Santo’ in Lucca on 13th September

Here we are again to celebrate the Holy Cross or Holy Face (in Italian ‘Volto Santo’) in Lucca. Let’s remember some bits of the history of this city: since the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of Lucca paid homage to the wooden crucifix known as the ‘Volto Santo’  that’s still displayed in the Cathedral of Saint Martin. This crucifix came to Lucca ‘ guided’ by Divine Providence as it was placed on a boat without crew on board and got to the port of Luni and from there it was put on a cart pulled by oxes without anyone to direct them and finally arrived to Lucca. The Volto Santo became a very important object of veneration and pilgrims came from all over Europe to see it and pray in front of it. Every year on 13th September this homage is repeted with a long processione that starts from the San Frediano Church (in the northern parte of the city) and moves towards the Saint Martin Cathedral (in the southern part) passing through the main streets and squares of the city whose old buildings, windows and doors are decorated with thousands of candles creating a magical atmosphere! Sometimes the procession is so long  that when its head  arrives in Saint Martin, its end is still in San Frediano! Thousands of people participate to this old feast: people wearing historical outfits, associations such as the ‘Lucchesi in the World’ (people who emigrated to foreign countries and come back on this occasion), and everybody that likes to join the procession.

The Holy Cross procession will start at 8 pm from San Frediano church and then don’t miss the beautiful fireworks from the citywalls at 11.30 pm!


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