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Tanabata Day 7 July 2012-Limonaia Villa Strozzi

During the Tanabata Day in Japan people express their wishes hanging a colored paper on a bambù. Lailac, an association promoting the knowledge of Japanese culture and traditions, has a wish: giving hospitality to children from Fukushima this Christmas. To make this wish come true they will raise funds from 5 to 11 pm on 7 July at the Limonaia of Villa Strozzi (Via Pisana 77, Florence). During this event there will be many initiatives such as lessons of martial arts, Kendo (Japanese fencing), the Japanese Calligraphy Corner, demonstartions of Origami, typical Japanese games and then the most tasteful specialties from Japan ( yakitori, takoyaki e cup noodles) and obviously a space for the visitors who would like to hang their whishes to bambù!!! An event for all people in love with the Japanese culture, but also a way to spend a day in a different way helping Fukushima!  

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