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Steve McCurry Exhibition in Siena

I was amazed by this incredibile exhibition of some of the most famous photos by the American photographer Steve McCurry! Fascinating faces, magical sceneries and ‘stolen’ moments transporting you to the furthest corners of the world….Pictures showing the good and the evil side of mankind. The first part of the exhibition shows a series of portraits that McCurry shooted during his many journeys around the world, including the famous photo portraying a young girl with green eyes from Afghanistan (the image symbol of this exhibition) who many years later was again portrayed by McCurry (there is also a video showing the long journey to search for the protagonist of this famous picture). Then comes a ‘gallery of horrors’, photos showing some of the most dramatic moments lived by mankind: from the attack to the World Trade Center to the burning oil wells in Kuwait until the one showing some children cheerfully climbing on a tank surrounded by mines. But after all this horrors, amazing photos show us all the beauty and the poetry of this world…a steam train passing near the Taj Mahal, Burma monks praying at the sunset light, a Kashmir merchant transporting colourful flowers on his canoe, the ruins of Angkor Wat…. If you love travelling you definitely have to see this exhibition! Where? In the Museum of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, every day from 10.30 am to 7 pm until 3 November 2013. The entrance (€ 10) includes an interesting audioguide telling you some of the secrets of the photos on display.

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