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“Renaissance from Florence to Paris and back”

The exhibition “Renaissance from Florence to Paris and back” is the result of the ‘friendship’ between the Bardini Museum of Florence and the Musée Jacquemart-André of Paris.This two museums have something in common as they were both born from the passion for art of some collectors: Stefano Bardini in Florence and Mr and Mrs André-Jacquemart in Paris. The ‘subtitle’ to this exhibition is “Treasures of the Jacquemart-André Museum return home” as the protagonists are works by Botticelli, Paolo Uccello, Donatello, Mantegna among the others, which were sold by the antique dealer Bardini and his ‘collegues’ to French collectors, and that are now coming back home thanks to the generosity of the museum of Paris! Among the masterpieces present don’t miss the famous “Saint George and the Dragon” painted by Paolo Uccello, as well as the elegant “Lute Player” by Francesco Salviati, the “Madonna and Child” By Alesso Baldovinetti and the bust of Lodovico Gonzaga by Donatello…’Guided Tours of Florence’ organizes tours of this unique exhibition and guided tours of the Bardini Museum, contact us for more information and remember that this exhibition will last until 31st December 2013!

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