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Pisa Book Festival: 23-25 November 2012

Tenth edition for the Pisa Book Festival 2012 taking place on 23,24,25 November in the Palazzo dei Congressi (Congress Hall, via Matteotti 1). It’s a successful festival dedicated to all books lovers and gathering this year a good 150 independent publishing editors. 4000 square meters of books and a lot of presentations and events. This year the country that will be the protagonist of the Pisa Book Festival will be the Netherlands and among the many guests we remind you Margherita Hack (the most important Italian astrophysicist and science writer) and Don Pierluigi Di Piazza presenting their new book “Io credo. Dialogo fra un’atea e un prete” (“I believe. A dialogue between an atheist and a priest”). The festival is open from 10 am to 8 pm and the entrance is free!


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