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Our Guided Tour of Lucca

Tuscany is a region which recalls to our mind of art, rolling hills, wine and excellent food. There is a town beyond , Florence, Pisa and Siena which welcomes you in its pleasant and comfortable historic center, unforgettable to the one who walks in its streets, we are talking about Lucca and we are doing it with a smile on our face since we are sure you will love it. Lucca still has its townwalls, there is a special reason if they are still there where they were built, this is why we start our walking guided tour of Lucca from the top of those charming Reanaissance walls. After an introduction to the history of Lucca, let’s go down the steep steps of the walls to enter the heart of the town and meet a few churches chosen among the “One Hundred Churches” someone says are situated in Lucca. First of all we meet the Duomo di San Martino dedicated to pilgrims. Its altarpieces have been recently restaured with brilliant colours, one of them, maybe the most famous one, was painted by the great painter Jacopo Tintoretto who used perspective with a perfect 3D effect already in the XVI century. Inside the Duomo tha Reanaissance style “Cappella del Volto Santo” and the monument dedicated to “Ilaria del Carretto” give you an idea of Lucca and its importance if compared to other tuscan towns. Then San Michele in Foro Church has an awesome inlaid marble façade, instead San Frediano Church is interesting for its richly decorated interior and the story of one of the most beloved Saints of Lucca: Santa Zita. Lucca is the “town of music” too. Here were born Luigi Boccherini first and Giancomo Puccini later, in fact still today it is possible to hear their music in the air, sometimes it lacks of fluency, sometimes its is harmonious because it is played by the students of the Conservatory where Puccini studied. In Piazza Anfiteatro, through our words you’ll imagine how the old Roman Lucca was. The shape of this peculiar square and the huge white stones tell you about the past Roman settlement. Strolling through via Fillungo you meet the local excellent shopping area, seducing you with vintage sign coming from the past in order to confere an original atmosphere to this area full of good cafés. Turning in one of the many allyways, the smell of baked “focaccia”, pizza” and “cecina” strikes your nose and leads you to bakerys. In their windows is very often exposed a sort of bread, the so called “buccellato”, it is sweet nad not salty, if you like anice you should taste it because it is the typical dessert from here. After the guided tour of Lucca people usually feel the sensation to have visited a place which is different from the most famous Tuscan towns not only for its history but also because Lucca is still calm and respectful toward its places letting it be an ejoyable town. Visit Lucca, a jewel of Tuscany!

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