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Monteriggioni’s Medieval Feast: 13,14,15 July

Monteriggioni, a fortified village on the hilltop on the way to Siena is the perfect stage for a medieval feast! The great poet Dante Alighieri celebrated its massive towers and recently it’s been chosen as the location for the succesfull Assassins’ Creed game. If you’re travelling to this area don’t miss this unique opportunity to step back into the Middle Ages!….On 13,14,15 July 2012 the town will be crowded with knights, noble women and monks, minstrels, Holy Inquisition officers and many more! The theme of this XXII edition will be “Hell and Paradise”, the eternel fight between good and evil. From 5 pm to midnight in the charming streets and squares of Monteriggioni there will be a great variety of events: music, dance, street theatre, falcons shows, reconstruction of a medieval battlefield with knights fighting each others and many more!

It will also be possible to eat in Monteriggioni in the many taverns that will serve spiced wine and ancient traditional specialties while many artisans will sell their products, but if you want to buy something don’t forget to change your money at the entrance of the town, as within the town walls you can use the medieval currency only!

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