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Mo.C.A.:Montecatini Museum of Contemporary Art

We have just visited the Mo.C.A. , Montecatini Terme Contemporary Art Museum, and it has been a very nice surprise! You didn’t expect to find in this small town (known for the spa resorts) a museum of contemporary art housing one of the five large canvas painted by the Spanish painter Joan Mirò! He was 86 years old when he did it and he donated it to the city….Another great masterpiece of this museum is the visionary ‘Life’ painted by the Italian Pietro Annigoni (he was known for being the the artist who painted the portraits of the ‘Greats’, including several Usa Presidents). In addition to the permanent collection, until 3rd May 2015 the Mo.c.a. houses a temporary exhibition of 35 photographs depicting the greatest writers: from Hemingway to Virginia Woolf, from Oriana Fallaci to Garcia Lorca, Agatha Christie and many others. All photos come from the Alinari Collection and were taken by great photographers such as Harlingue, Lipnitzky, Nadar and Biow . The museum entrance is free! Opening times: from Tuesday to Friday 10-12; Saturday-Sunday 10.30-12.30; 4pm-7 pm.

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