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Middle East Now. International film festival on Middle Eastern Countries

A very interesting festival will take place in Florence from 12th April to 16th April 2012: Middle East Now is an international film and documentary event on the contemporary culture and society of Middle Eastern countries. Works by  young  directors from the Middle Eastern Countries will show the culture of ‘warm’ countries such as  Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestina, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan e and Saudi Arabia. In addition there will be debates with Middle Eastern Countries experts and tastings in the ethnic restaurants of the city

Among the titles that sound particularly interesting there is  ” The Reluctant Revolutianary” about the revolution in Yemen, almost unknown to the Westen Countries; “The Boy Mir” a documentary that follows 10 years of the life of Mir, a young boy living in Afghanistan; ” I am Nasrine” about Nasrine a young Iranian woman who escapes to England and finds many difficulties ti integrate herself.

Middle East Now takes place at the Odeon Cinema (Piazza Strozzi) and at the’Auditorium Stensen (Viale Don Minzoni).

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