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Michelangelo’s Sculptures in Florence

Michelangelo’s sculptures in Florence on your wish list!

His masterpieces are a “must see” when you are here.  Let’s imagine to spend some time together to know Michelangelo better. In our town, the most known masterpiece realized by him is David – and Goliath. In the Bible’s story young David defeats the Philistine Giant Goliath in a single combat. In Florence, David has a deep and strong meaning. He is the weaker defender that is able to kill a great enemy, this makes of him the defender of the Florentine Republic against all tyrants. With skip the line ticket and our guided tour, you will admire our famous David andall details about this enchanting statue will be revealed while observing it from very close. Once outside this first museum we suggest you to visit Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, which is our Cathedral’s Museum where among works by Filippo Brunelleschi, Donatello, Andrea Pisano and other important masters, there is a third touching “Pietà” sculpted by Michelangelo. This statue was thought to be the decoration for his tomb. Thanks to it you’ll have the possibility to approach Michelangelo’s ideas during his last years of life. It could be time to stop visiting other places because these two ones  are enough to know Michelangelo’s personality, but we’d like to lead you beyond them and meet the other Michelanelo’s sculptures in Florence. Here is a list of them: an extraordinary crucifix in Santo Spirito Church; his famous and very discussed Bacco; the Gordgeous Lorenzo de’ Medici’s tomb in the Cappelle Medicee Museum; Michelangelo’s house in Santa Croce district; a funeral monument dedicated to him in Santa Croce church or “Genio della Vittoria” in the meaningful Palazzo Vecchio and San Lorenzo Church. Some of the places mentioned above need to pay a ticket to enter, for this reason we ask you to drop us few lines to tell us about your interest in Michelangelo’s sculptures in Florence and we’ll try to decide together the best route for your guided walk in Florence. Write us at , we’ll answer you in the shortest delay possible.

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