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Mese Mediceo 2012

‘Mese Mediceo’ is a series of plays based on the lives of the Medici family members. Forget about the ‘same’ theatrical play in the ‘usual’ theatre! Every show is played in an unusual place of the city and its surroundings: beautiful villas such as Villa Peyron and Villa Maiano, the Boboli Garden and the San Lorenzo church, while last year one of the shows was even played in and through the streets of the city! The stories of the Medici, sometimes sad and dramatic, more often funny or tragicomical are told with humour and skill by actors that are supported by historians. The beauty of the places where the shows are played and the actors’ skill make these shows something highly enjoyable by everybody!

This will be the last edition of Mese Mediceo and will take place from 11th June to 12th July!

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