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Marilyn Monroe at the Ferragamo Museum

I’ve just come back from visiting this new exibition on Marilyin Monroe at the Ferragamo Museum in Florence and I can tell you that it’s not absolutely to be missed!!! It’s fascinating and moving at the same time!!! Ferragamo started in 1999 with an exibition on Audrey Hepburn, then Greta Garbo and now, on occasion of her death anniversary, this exibition traces the story of the most famous and idolized woman of the XX century. Hollywood often showed her as a beautiful woman, but stupid and superficial. On the contrary, she was extremely clever and cultured, but too sensitive as demonstrated by her diaries and thoughts displayed on this exibition. She became the symbol of the famous American dream according to which with courage and a little bit of luck a person can reach fame and success…but at what price? One of Marilyn’s thought about Hollywood star system was ” Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents”

This exibition displays famous photos: we can easily say that every moments of her life was captured by photographers, from her marriages until the bedroom where she died. There are also original materials, such as her diary where we can see the appointment with Ferragamo, film scripts, original videos including the one where we see Marilyn greeting the American troops in Korea in 1954. A room of the exinition is dedicated to see the parallelism between some famous photos of Marilyn and  artworks such as Botticelli’s Venus and the Sleeping Nymph by Canova: Marilyn could easily play the role of a Greek goddess as well as that of a Renaissance nymph or a modern pin-up…

On display there are many of the shoes that Ferragamo designed for Marilyn: she only bought Ferragamo shoes and he designed for her a special reinforced hell to give her more stability. We can see her magnificent dresses, those that she use daily and those that she wore in her movies: the last room has a large screen where we can see some of her most famous movies and next, displayed, those same dresses!…We can also see the beautiful pink dress that she wore in “Gentlemen prefer blondes” in the scene where she sings “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”!

Finally there’s a painting from Pittsburgh Museum by Andy Warhol, the artist who made Marilyn the Monna Lisa of the XX century!

Marilyn exibition will last until 28.01.2013 at the Ferragamo Museum (Piazza S.Trinita) in Florence. If you need extra information or if you want to do a guided tour of the exibition, contact us!

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