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Luminara and Regatta in Pisa

On 16th June Pisa celebrates its patron saint Ranieri with the famous and beautiful Luminara: the area along the Arno river, its palaces and churches, the leaning tower and the old city walls will be enlighted by 70.000 candles thus creating a magical atmosphere thanks to the reverberation of the light on the water! People will be able to eat and drink at the many stands located in the streets of the city center, then at midnight there will be beautiful and longlasting fireworks.

The next day, 17th June, Pisa remembers the times when it was a powerful maritime republic fighting at Lepanto against the Saracens: the Regatta on the Arno river will take place at sunset among the four districts of the city. Four boats will cover over one kilometer of distance going upstream. The aim is to gasp the ‘palio’, a blue flag positioned at the finishing line at the top of a ten meters high mast that one of the crew has to climb. The ‘palio’ will be the prize for the winner district, while the losers will get….a couple of geese!

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