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Impressionists in Florence 2013-14

From 24 September to 5 January 2014 don’t miss this unique exhibition in Pitti Palace (Florence)! This extraordinary event is born from the collaboration between the Orsay Museum of Paris and the Gallery of Modern Art of Florence. The latter lent a group of paintings of the ‘Macchiaioli’ movement (the most important pictorial movement of the XIXth century in Italy) to the Musée de l’Orangerie of Paris. Now we are receiving a good 12 paintings by Monet, Degas, Cezanne, Pisarro, Renoir and others that will be display in Florence together with other Impressionist works already present in the Modern Art Gallery showing the similarities and the differences between these two great mouvements. Just to mention one of these masterpieces, you will be able to see the famous ” Ballet reharsal on stage” by Degas! Contact us for more information! Our tour of the exhibition will also include a visit of the Modern Art Gallery!

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