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Guided Tours in Florence for blind and partially sighted

Last November Guided Tours of Florence took part to a workshop for adults who are blind or partially sighted: “Seeing through our hands” by Andrea Socrati from “Museo Tattile Statale Omero” in Ancona. This workshop was made to introduce tourist guides to the world of adults who are blind or partially sighted. The sense of Sight is the most used among the 5 senses we have and those who have to do without it they provide data for perception through hearing, smell, taste, touch. In a museum it is difficult to experiment  art because statues and paintings can’t be touched, but only told to the blind. it is true that in each museum there is a special smell, there are other people commenting on masterpieces, all details that we (the ones that can use sight) don’t take it into account, but they are at the base of the blind experience, that’s why it is important to experience the permanent collection or exhibitions with a guide who describes works of art in great detail. With our tours you can visit Florence and its Piazza Duomo, walk through Calzaiuoli Street to get to Piazza Signoria and Ponte Vecchio. On demand it is also possible to plan visits to Galleria Uffizi and Accademia Museum. You will experience Renaissance then!

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