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Ghiberti’s ‘Paradise Gates’ restored: 8th September

If you’re in Florence after 8th September don’t miss to visit the newly restored panels of the famous Paradise Gate in the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. Originally this gate  was the eastern door of the baptistery and was sculpted by Lorenzo Ghiberti starting from 1425. The artist worked at this wonderful door for a good 25 years, a lifetime at that time! The ten panels made of gilded bronze depicts ten famous episodes from the Old Testament and have been the objects of a restoration that has no equals in terms of duration and complexity: the first studies began in 1978, then in 1990 the panels were moved to the Museo dell’Opera (behind the Duomo) and replaced with copies. After so many years of restoration carried out by the ‘Opificio delle Pietre Dure’ the ten panels will be displayed all together in a huge display case of about 5 metres projected to guarantee a lower humidity and to protect them from dusts and other noxious elements.


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