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A section including unusual tours to see Florence from a different point of view, such as the one of Dan Brown’s Inferno as well as that of the Assassins’Creed game. We also offer a wide range of fun tours including scavenger hunts in the city center of Florence and a special itinerary to admire the city’s artisans working on their unique creations.

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Assassin’s Creed Tour

The success of this famous video game has further tickled the curiosity toward the city of Florence, but are the places where Ezio Auditore combats his battles really like that? Our Assassins’ Creed tour is focused on the most important sites of Florence that are in the game: we will compare fiction and historical facts following Ezio’s footsteps. You will see the ‘eagle view’ points from which Ezio takes his ‘Leap of Faith’ and learn the real story of the Pazzi conspiracy, an engaging tour that is suitable for adults and kids and also for people who have not played the game!

Wine & Food Market Tour

Are you a foodie? If so, you are in the perfect place as Florence is not just art and history! We will accompany you to the discovery of the genuine flavors of Tuscany in an unforgettable experience for your palate. We will lead you to explore our colourful local markets and with our Wine & Food tours you will find out where the locals go shopping and where they eat the Lampredotto, the typical Florentine street food. You can drink a fine Chianti wine and taste an authentic Italian Gelato. Discover with us  why the Bistecca alla Fiorentina is so tasty and how to distinguish among the many types of olive oil and cheese!

Florence’s Craftmans Workshop Tour

It is a guided visit of the Oltrarno (meaning beyond the Arno River), an area south of Florence, famous for its craftsman workshops. Many consider this neighborhood the “most Florentine” of all and Lonely Planet has recently defined it as one of the coolest places in the world! The Oltrarno will fascinate you with its ancient craftsman traditions. We will observe a craftsman while creating the typical Florentine paper or while making beautiful objects in gold or bronze using Cellini’s melting technique. We will also visit a restoration workshop or an ancient tailor shop to see how clothes are tailor-made, as well as Florentine mosaics and etching workshops too. Our tour of Florence’s Craftsman Workshops is a walk through the real heart of the city!

Dan Brown’s Inferno Tour

After the worldwide success of Dan Brown’s INFERNO and the namesake movie, we have designed a tour of the sites and streets of Florence where the main character, Robert Langdon, goes to solve the enigma of the “Cerca Trova”: the Corridoio Vasariano, Palazzo Vecchio, the Neighborhood where Dante Alighieri was born, and many other places. With Dan Brown’s Inferno Tour, you will discover the splendors of this city that lives, luckily, not only in fiction! Because “if you know where to look, Florence is Paradise”…

Florence at Sunset with Happy Hour

Florence is always beautiful, even more at sunset with the shades of pink and orange of the sun going down the horizon. We highly recommend the tour of Florence at sunset if you wish to avoid the heat and the crowds of the high tourist season. Starting at 6 in the afternoon, we will take a walk through the most renown places of the city for a classic walking tour, ending with a typical Italian ‘aperitivo’. During summer, many historical buildings open their terraces, so you will have the great chance to end your visit with a breathtaking view of the city while sipping a glass of wine or the Italian ‘Spritz’! Furthermore, if you want to visit a museum, you can take advantage of the night opening of the Uffizi Gallery, Galleria dell’Accademia, the Baptistery or the Medici Chapels. Experience Florence at sunset like someone who lives in the city: it is well worth it!

Scavenger Hunt

Not a classic guided tour, but a hunt through the streets of Florence competing against the clock! You will have a map of the city, the hunt booklet and some questions that will lead you to discover some of the most important sites of Florence in a funny way! This activity is suitable for families and their kids, but also as a corporate team building activity! Wear comfortable shoes, have your mobile phone ready for taking some photos that will be required during the hunt and enjoy yourself! Ready, steady…Go!

Read our customers’ reviews on Trip Advisor!

Read our customers’ reviews on Trip Advisor!

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