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Full Moon on Minerva’s Temple

Here is another suggestion for your spare time. This is not something I tried for you, but a friend of mine told me I shouldn’t miss this experience. First of all we have to go on the Pisan Hills, in a place called Montefoscoli where Minerva’s Temple is completely plunged into nature. The word “temple” reminds ancient legends in lost places, on the contrary this temple was built in 1822 by the luminary doctor Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri in order to celebrate his father and the profession they joined. This Building is covered with medical symbols, you can rent it for a private party or make it your destination for a very soft trekking, but during full moon nights there is the possibility to follow an enchanting guided visit with a group of friends. First there is a light dinner then, provided with torches, hearing the forest rustle, you will be leaded through the ilex groove to the temple where new fascinating truths on his use will be told. Next full moon will be soon… are we going together?? 😉

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