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From Milan EXPO to Florence – in one day

Yes, that’s right, that’s what we are suggesting you today! Come from the Universal Exposition, Milano Expo 2015 to Florence! After having visited the north of Italy you should relax on the Tuscan Hills or on the Tuscan Shores to get tanned and experience the Mediterranean see, then visit Florence with its art, food, and important culture to deepen which are our roots and the origins of the Modern Age in art, philosophy and business. You can choose among the many Florence guided tours we offer you and you can decide to stay here for some days or just one day. You can reach Florence from Milan in one day thanks to our trains or . In few hours you will be in Florence and have the chance to spend with us 3 hours for highlights of Florence or you can choose to have with us a one-day guided tour. Visit Milan and the Universal Expo and then come to Florence. We are waiting for you and we are glad to help you plan your trip from Milan to Florence for a guided tour with us! Contact us at or fill the form here below in the page.

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