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From Chianti Classico with love!

Today I’d like to tell you about the wordeful day I spent in Chianti with Coleen, Kayla, Kelsey and Donna. When Coleen contacted me she asked information regarding “a possible tour of the hillsides, vineyards and wineries, castles around the Florence area” so I suggested a Chianti tour. October is a good month to travel round the hills because the weather is still good, the leaves on trees and vineyards start to chenage their colour to light green/yellow and the grapes harvesting gives a special smell to the air. I met my four guests with their private chauffered car at their apartment, and our day together started. In 5 minutes driving (maybe more, because of the typical florentine traffic) we were outside the town where hills, San Giovese grapes, stone walls, olive trees and cipresses made us understand that our trip to the Chianti Classico had started. First stop: Greve in Chianti. Second stop: a typical farmhouse in order to visit wine cellers, to understand how wine is produced and… wine tasting! Actually, wine tasting became a lunch-time-wine-tasting. Not only wine, but typical dishes such as homemade tagliatelle with “agliona sauce” and other delicious delicacies. Lunch was served on a terrace in front of lines and lines of vineyards. After lunch, on the road again. We went to San Gimignano to know another area of the Tuscan countryside, some shopping (pasta and food mainly!) and back to Florence. Then goobyes… But for me, the most pleasant part of the day came when I was checking my email on my way back home on the train and I found the one that Collen sent to me saying “Tatiana, […] Secondly, let me express our appreciation for such a wonderful day.  It was exactly what we were hoping for.  You and our driver were so helpful and kind and it will be a day we will remember for many years to come.” And I say: thank you to you!

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