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Food and Market Tour in Florence

Today we would like to talk about food and markets in Florence. We would like to suggest you a guided tour which goes to Piazza Repubblica, San Lorenzo Central Market and Sant’Ambrogio Market walking through Piazza Duomo and the Middle Ages district. It’s through this labyrinth of streets that we will let you discover the typical tastes of the town of Florence. We will tell you entertaining stories of the Market’s rich history and culture and you’ll have an idea on how ingredients are used in our recipes such as how to cook the typical “pappa al pomodoro” or what is Lampredotto. Walking in the streets of Florence we will explain how wine was sold till the last century in our “buche del vino”. In the two markets we’ll visit together, you’ll experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of these historic landmarks, how things have changed during the time and what they have become today. It will be interesting to experience the smell in the air of the oldest typical street-food in Florence: Lampredotto, Coccoli and Bombolone. Lampredotto is like tripe: boiled meat with a vegetable broth and served with a special herb sauce all in a panino (sandwich, roll), we usually eat it in the street, it is a take away local food. “Coccoli” instead are like bread dough thrown into boiling olive or seeds oil and it is salty, like a small ball of fryed bread. The Bombolone instead is pastry, it can be described as being very similar to a donut.. but better! During the tour is included a stop at one of the historycal charming cafés and a stop for a “cappuccino”. We’ll end the tour the Street Market so that you’ll enjoy your free time here with the possibility to taste or have lunch with the food described and our excellent local Chianti wine. This tour is also for VEGETARIANS because Florence local dishes like “acqua cotta” or “zuppa di cavolo”, “ribollita”, “pappa al pomodoro”, “tortelli del Mugello” are all vegetarian and with us you’ll have the possibility to choose what to taste and where. For more information and suggestions on the best tour for your needs, please CONTACT US at or fill the form below in the page.

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