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Florentine Historical Soccer 2012: Instructions!

Calcio Storico Fiorentino means one of the oldest traditIons of Florence. This year the match will take place on 16 and 17 June while the final game will be as usual on 24 June, Saint John’s day. It’s an exciting mix of modern soccer, rugby, American football, boxing and Graeco-Roman wrestling, in a few words there are no rules! It’s a rough and though game where every team plays for its district and for Florence…

Players wear XVI century oufits to remember a very famous game that was played in 1530 in Santa Croce Square notwithstanding the fact that the city was besieged by the emperor Charles V’s troops. The city decided to play the game to show its total indifference to the emperor’s troops. However, this game is for sure much older than this!

If you are visiting Florence in those days, go to Santa Maria Novella Church from which a beautiful procession  with 530 people dressed in Renaissance outfits will start at 4 pm. Among the participants to the procession there are the 4 teams that will play the games: the Reds of Santa Maria Novella, the Blues of Santa Croce, the Whites of Santo Spirito and the Greens of San Giovanni. Four districts, four teams. The procession moves through the streets of the city and gets to Santa Croce Square whose pavement is completely covered with earth for the occasion and it’s surrounded by stands for the spectators. Before the game, the procession parades in the square and the Florentine flag-wavers will exibit themselves. Then the traditional homage to ‘Fiorenza’ to whom all spectators participate!

At 5 pm the game starts: every team is composed of 27 players dressed in historical outfits, they will run, tackle, bunch and fight for 50 minutes without any break or possibility of replacement. The aim is to score placing the ball in the nets that are located at the shorter sides of the square, if they throw the ball instead of placing it in, the point (which is called ‘Caccia’)  goes to the other team. There’s more than a referee who has to mantain the discipline as the Florentine Soccer has always been violent: in 2006 for example, 50 players were involved in a big riot during the game and even the police was hardly able to stop them. After that, they changed some of the rules in order to avoid other episodes such as this.

Are you curious to know  what’s the prize for the winner? Nothing more than….a cow, a beautiful Chianina cow!

Florentine or tourists, the Historical Soccer will conquer you! This game is so fascinating and powerfully exciting that you will find yourselves shouting and screaming to support one or the other team!

The tickets to see the game cost from 21 to 37 euro, bring with you some sun cream and a lot of water to drink as it’s going to be very hot! Contact us if you need further information: see you then there and…..VIVA FIORENZA!

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