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Fernando Botero’s Exhibition in Pietrasanta, July-September 2012

Since the 70s, the great Colombian artist Fernando Botero has been spending most of the year in Pietrasanta, a small but lively town in the county of Lucca, known for its fervent artistical life that  won it the nickname of ‘small Athens’. In 2000 Pietrasanta confered him freedom of the city and now it’s celebrating his 80th birthday with a special exhibition: “Fernando Botero: draftsman and sculptor” taking place in the streets, squares and places that the artist usually frequents with his family, such as Duomo Square and the Church of Sant’Agostino. Bronze statues, sculptures, waterscolors and a series of 40 unpublished drawings that he made in the 70s, for a total of a good 70 works that cover the vast repertoire of Botero’s techniques and iconography:  chalk, pencil, watercolor and pastel; his traditional voluminous women and still lives, the circus, the Corrida and many other subjects, all of them showing Botero’s unique combination of South American and European tradition and art. Botero once said ” Beauty in Art has nothing to do with the (presumed) beauty of reality and what seems ugly in reality, it’s beautiful in the art”. An event celebrating one of the greatest living artist in the world, don’t miss it!!!

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