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Fabbrica Europa – Festival of Contemporary Art

Today we talk about Fabbrica Europa, International Festival of Contemporary Art in Florence from may 3 to 13th 2012.  Stazione Leopolda is the heart of this event, but there are other many places in town where installations and contemporary plays and music are performed like at Teatro della Pergola, Le Murate, Cango – Cantieri Goldonetta, Istituto Francese, Strozzina, Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini, Sonoria. In everyone of these places the ancient florentine architecture meets contemporary art to give the idea of art mobility.   During all the 10 days of festival at Stazione Leopolda hosts “Post Elettronica” experimentation, a tribute to John Cage: artists coming from every part of the world that have in common the composer and writer of new technologies. Fabbrica Europa is for the ones that would like to experiment something unespected. Dont’ miss it!

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