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F-Light 2015, Festival of Light in Florence 8th-27th Dec.

If you are visiting Florence from 8th to 27th December don’t miss F-Light, a spectacular festival of lights and video mapping on the most important monuments of Florence, monuments that everybody should include in a guided tour of Florence! San Firenze, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Pitti, Santo Spirito and San Paolino will be lighted up by beautiful projections from 6.30 pm until 2 am. The paving of Pitti Square, for example, will show the amazing texture of cells and molecules that form everything, while the façada of Santo Spirito church will be elighted by the four elements. Do not miss Ponte Vecchio becoming a special ‘canvas’ where worldwide famous artists’ works will be projected, from Michelangelo to Mirò, an amazing show!

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