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Etruscans and good food in Peccioli on Pisan Hills

For those keen on archaeology here is our suggestion in order to discover peculiar Etruscan traces in Tuscany. Let’s go to Peccioli, on the Pisan Hills, where a guided visit of the Medioeval Village starts all Tuesdays at 9.00 am. The meeting point is at the Tourist Information Office in via Mazzini, 71 (easy to find!). During the tour it will be possible to learn interesting things about history: when the Pieve of San Verano was built, where Leopoldo Grand Duke of Tuscany stayed when he came to Peccioli and more details about the surroundings. With your guide you will find out that history is not the only appealing information, in fact if you are willing to fish for high quality local food your guide will suggest you a good baker whose delicious pastry, tasty pizza and “panini” will seduce you, afterwards you will be happy to know that this baker has also a restaurant where it is possible to taste typical local dishes and a special kind of pasta made with a kind of wheat still very similar to the one used by the Etruscans centuries ago. The guided tour will end in the Archaelogical Museum with an exposition of findings coming from the archaelogical site Ortaglia. Book now!

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