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David Cronenberg at Lucca Film Festival

From 15th to 22nd March 2015 Lucca will host the eleventh edition of the ‘Lucca Film Festival’. After the huge success of last year edition whose protagonist was David Lynch, this year Lucca will host Jeremy Irons, the British film director Terry Gilliam and David Cronenberg. The Canadian film screenwriter, director and producer will not be able to come to Lucca due to personal problems, but he will join the festival rich programm via Skype. In addition to conferences, film shows and meeting, there will be a special exhibition (‘Evolution’) at the ‘Fondazione Ragghianti’ showing objects from the films stage, pictures and unreleased clips. Another exibit will be hosted by the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Viareggio: ‘Chromosomes’ displays 70 frames personally chosen by Cronenberg that have been digitally developed and printed on canvas. Among the films showed durign the festival ‘Shivers’ , ‘Cosmopolis’ , ‘Naked Lunch’ and ‘The Fly’ by Cronenberg, ‘Parnassus’ , ’12 Monkeys’ , ‘Brazil’ by Terry Gilliam.

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