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Da Vinci’s Demons

Florence and Leonardo da Vinci’s life will be the protagonist of a new series starting on 12th April in the Usa and on 22nd April in Italy. Eight episodes telling the formative years of Da VInci, scientist, artist and genius, in a turbulent Florence. Although we are afraid that the screenwriter David S. Goyer (‘Man of Steel’, ‘Batman begins’, ‘The Dark Knigtman rises’) will turn Leonardo da Vinci into a superhero, we are all very excited to see this new series set in our city! ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ has been referred to as an action-adventure-drama series telling the ‘secret’ life of a 25-year-old Leonardo. Goyer claims to have read every Leonardo’s journals, spoken with experts and traveled to Florence, Rome, Milan and the British Museums in order to discover every single side of Leonardo’s life and career; he says the series will also talk about Da Vinci’s sexuality and his ambivalent attitude to religion. But the series will also show many other famous Florentines: Lorenzo il Magnifico and his wife Clarice Orsini, Lucrezia Donati (Leonardo’s lover?) and many others…

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