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Cycling World Championship Florence

Lucca, Pistoia, Montecatini, but above all Florence will be the spectacular setting of the 2013 Cycling Road Championship! Italians love cycling very much (it’s the national sport after soccer!) so this is going to be a memorable event attracting many visitors to Florence….The first race will take place on 22nd September starting from Pistoia (women) and Lucca (men) and arriving to Florence. There will be races every day until 29th September, except on 26th. For those who are going to follow the Championship using trains, ‘Trenitalia’ is going to sell a ‘Toscana card’: a special pass which allows people to use the train without buying the tickets. If you’re coming to visit Florence during those days remember that there will be many changes in traffic and mobility: many streets and roads will be closed or diverted and it won’t be possible to quickly cross the race tracks. We are at your disposal for further information and we’ll be happy to be your guide in Florence during the Championship!

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