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Our Guided Tour of Lucca

Tuscany is a region which recalls to our mind of art, rolling hills, wine and excellent food. There is a town beyond , Florence, Pisa and Siena which welcomes you in its pleasant and comfortable historic center, unforgettable to the one who walks in its streets, we are talking about Lucca and we are doing [...]

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From Milan EXPO to Florence – in one day

Yes, that's right, that's what we are suggesting you today! Come from the Universal Exposition, Milano Expo 2015 to Florence! After having visited the north of Italy you should relax on the Tuscan Hills or on the Tuscan Shores to get tanned and experience the Mediterranean see, then visit Florence with its art, food, [...]

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Food and Market Tour in Florence

Today we would like to talk about food and markets in Florence. We would like to suggest you a guided tour which goes to Piazza Repubblica, San Lorenzo Central Market and Sant'Ambrogio Market walking through Piazza Duomo and the Middle Ages district. It's through this labyrinth of streets that we will let you discover the [...]

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1900 – A new Museum in Florence

Since June 24th a new museum is in town "Museo del 900". An old hospital called "Spedale delle Leopoldine" in Piazza Santa Maria Novella has become a museum on something that was missing in Florence: early modern art - 1900. Thanks to Alberto della Ragione's collection it is now possible to visit a permanent exhibition [...]

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Valentine’s Day in Tuscany

During the weekend of February 14th many couples decide to go out for a romantic weekend, so we are here to suggest you something special to do. If you are travelling to Tuscany there are at least two tours waiting for you. The first is in Florence: we have prepared a guided tour that goes [...]

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Walking tour in Lucca

If you are planning to visit Tuscany and you would find out a place with a special atmosphere, where streets are still the same as they were built during the Middle Ages, where townwalls are still there protecting the historical center, and you can listen to Operas and classic music just walking in the streets, [...]

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