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F-Light 2015, Festival of Light in Florence 8th-27th Dec.

If you are visiting Florence from 8th to 27th December don't miss F-Light, a spectacular festival of lights and video mapping on the most important monuments of Florence, monuments that everybody should include in a guided tour of Florence! San Firenze, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Pitti, Santo Spirito and San Paolino will be lighted up by [...]

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Walking tour in Lucca

If you are planning to visit Tuscany and you would find out a place with a special atmosphere, where streets are still the same as they were built during the Middle Ages, where townwalls are still there protecting the historical center, and you can listen to Operas and classic music just walking in the streets, [...]

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Cycling World Championship Florence

Lucca, Pistoia, Montecatini, but above all Florence will be the spectacular setting of the 2013 Cycling Road Championship! Italians love cycling very much (it's the national sport after soccer!) so this is going to be a memorable event attracting many visitors to Florence....The first race will take place on 22nd September starting from Pistoia (women) [...]

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A new room at the Uffizi for Michelangeo’s ‘Tondo Doni’

The Uffizi Museum is changing! After the opening of new rooms, the Blue Rooms dedicated to foreigner painters, and the Red Rooms inaugurated last June, another positive change: the famous 'Tondo Doni', the only painting surely painted by Michelangelo, has moved to a new room, larger than the previous one and with a better lighting, [...]

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