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Vintage Fair event in Florence, 8-9 April

If you are visiting Florence on 8th and 9th April, take a stroll ouside Porta Romana following the ancient Via Senese and at number 68 you will find Villa Romana, an elegant neoclassical villa that the German painter Max Klinger turned into a meeting place for many artists at the beginning of the XXth century. [...]

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Discovering the ghost town of Vagli

On 3rd July 1947 the inhabitants of Fabbriche di Careggine, a little town in the county of Lucca, left their hometown which was going to be invaded by the water of a dam. Fabbriche was a small medieval hamlet with stone houses, founded in the XIVth century by some blacksmiths from the city of Brescia. [...]

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F-Light 2015, Festival of Light in Florence 8th-27th Dec.

If you are visiting Florence from 8th to 27th December don't miss F-Light, a spectacular festival of lights and video mapping on the most important monuments of Florence, monuments that everybody should include in a guided tour of Florence! San Firenze, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Pitti, Santo Spirito and San Paolino will be lighted up by [...]

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Vittorio Sgarbi at Certosa di Calci

Yesterday night Vittorio Sgarbi, one of the most important Italian Art Critics was at Certosa di Calci near Pisa thanks to the event Panorama Italia. He has talked about the history of the Chartreuse and its peculiarity. He also has talked about the modern tourism which only goes to the most known places forgetting that [...]

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Food and Market Tour in Florence

Today we would like to talk about food and markets in Florence. We would like to suggest you a guided tour which goes to Piazza Repubblica, San Lorenzo Central Market and Sant'Ambrogio Market walking through Piazza Duomo and the Middle Ages district. It's through this labyrinth of streets that we will let you discover the [...]

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Streeteat Food Truck Festival in Florence!

'Streeteat Food Truck Festival' is the very first itinerant festival of Italian street food! From 10th to 12th April 2015, this innovative festival will stop in Florence in the 'Parco delle Cascine' where a good 28 trucks will cook local street food. You could taste regional specialties such as the 'cecina' ( a chick peas [...]

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David Cronenberg at Lucca Film Festival

From 15th to 22nd March 2015 Lucca will host the eleventh edition of the 'Lucca Film Festival'. After the huge success of last year edition whose protagonist was David Lynch, this year Lucca will host Jeremy Irons, the British film director Terry Gilliam and David Cronenberg. The Canadian film screenwriter, director and producer will not [...]

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Vintage Event in Florence-6-7-8 December

Looking for a glamourous event in these grey December days? On 6th, 7th, 8th December go to the 'Limonaia Stibbert' in Florence! "Stibbert Veste Vintage" ('Stibbert Wears Vintage') is THE event dedicated to all Vintage-addicted people, but also to everybody wishing to discover the exotic Limonaia (the greenhouse used to protect lemon-trees in winter) and [...]

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