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Camellias Feast of the Lucchesia:17-18, 24-25 March 2012

One of the most beautiful event that takes place in the ‘lucchesia’ (the county of Lucca, one hour far from Florence)! This will be the XXIIIrd edition of an event that attracts many visitors, not only the locals, but also people from Germany, France and many other European countries. Don’t call it a flower market, please! The cultivation of this exotic flower has a very old tradition in this area, the climate and the soil there are perfect, so through the years the two towns of Pieve di Compito and S.Andrea di Compito have come to organize a big Camellias event that includes guided tours of the plantations of tea and of camellias, Camellias exhibitions (did you know that there are more than 250 spieces and that in China this plant is also used in medecine and in the kitchen?), more exhibitions in the many famous villas of the area and finally a market! The Camellias Feast will take place on  17,18, 24,25 March 2012. Why don’t you come to the fair with us and stop for a guided tour of Lucca as well?

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