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Benigni’s Divine Comedy in Santa Croce Square

In 2006 Roberto Benigni, famous Italian actor and comedian who won the Oscar in 1999 for his ‘Life is beauitiful’, recited 13 ‘canti’ from the “Divina Commedia”, the famous poem written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century. The shows took place in Santa Croce Square (Florence), right in front of the beautiful church and of Dante statue: it was a great success! 70.000 spectators enjoyed (probably for the very first time in their life) a poem that we usually hate when we are in school as we are forced to study it…This summer Benigni is coming back to Santa Croce Square from 20 July to 6 August and the tickets are already on sell! Have a look at the videos on our Face Book page if you want to know more!!!

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