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A selection of guided tours dedicated to art history lovers. We have chosen specific itineraries which include the great classic Michelangelo and Dante tours as well as trips outside Florence to discover the splendid Medici’ villas and their gardens.

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Discovering Michelangelo

This tour will help you to discover Michelangelo’s works in Florence, but also to know his complex and fascinating personality. This grand artist who was defined by the Pope as “a terrible man”, was born in the period in which Lorenzo the Magnificent was the lord of the city and his artworks are spread around the town: the statue of David, the tomb of Lorenzo the Magnificent, his “Bacchus” in the Bargello Museum, and the touching “Pietà” sculpted for his own tomb. We will have the chance to walk in Michelangelo’s footsteps through the neighborhood where he lived and visit his home or see his tomb in Santa Croce Church. Our Michelangelo Tour will give you a complete insight into the artist’s life and times!

Gardens of Florence and Tuscany

Our Gardens tour is an itinerary studied for open green space lovers and for those who want to relax outdoors in nature! We will discover how the garden evolved from the Middle Ages to Renaissance until Modern Times learning how they were designed and what determined the choice of the plants to be used, having special care to the hidden meaning of certain trees and flowers. Boboli Garden at Palazzo Pitti, the famous Roses Garden with sculptures by the Belgian artist Folon, Bardini Garden, Torrigiani Garden, but also the gardens of the Villas around Florence and Lucca, Villa Garzoni in Collodi, are just some of the jewels of our region that you can discover with our Gardens of Florence and Tuscany Tour.

Midici’s Villas Tour

The Medici family had good taste regarding arts and beauty! The Medici’s Villa tour is the best way to understand how great their passion for art and nature was. Located on the splendid hills near Florence, boasting a breathtaking view over the city, these dwellings were places where bloody conspiracies were frequently plotted. At the same time, they were important meeting points for intellectuals, poets and philosophers of the Medici’s court, therefore they are places extremely rich in history and art. They definitely witness the power and culture of a family that left a sign in history. The Medici’s Villa tour is certainly the best way to discover it and it is a perfect tour if you want to stay away from the crowded centre of Florence, relaxing yourself on the hills of Tuscany!


Have you ever heard of ‘Stendhal Syndrome’?  Believe it or not, this is an actual affliction said to affect those tourists of a sensitive and nervous nature. It’s named after the French author who was left dizzy, sick and overcome after visiting too much art and Renaissance architecture in 1817 Florence. It may sound ridiculous but there have since been many cases where tourists faint in the face of miraculous Florentine beauty. On a regular day, visiting the UFFIZI museum on your own can be an exhausting experience!  That’s because the Uffizi is the most important painting gallery in Italy, boasting incredible masterpieces by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Raphael, Titian and many more. You could be lost in such a massive amount of artworks! At Guided Tours of Florence, we offer tailor made tours of the Uffizi museum to help you to unveil the meaning of the main paintings, disclosing the artists’ secrets and painting techniques. Together we will do a real journey through the history of painting and it doesn’t matter if you are not familiar with it: we will guide you to grab the highlights of the Uffizi museum and to discover some of the most outstanding artists who made the world art history. In summer you can take advantage of the night opening of the Uffizi museum and explore it with us without the crowds of the day and in a unique atmosphere.

Medici Tour

For those who want to gain insight on the history of the grand Medici family, this tour will thrill you with the rise and fall of a family that molded the history of Florence. You will discover how a family of merchants was able to rule Florence for three hundred years, changing the artistic and social life from the Renaissance period until today. We will see the palaces where they lived and meet the artists they helped to stand out. Through funny anecdotes, we will unveil their human side and the nature of some members of the family as well as stories of treachery and bloody conspiracies!

Dan Brown’s Inferno Tour

Dante Alighieri, the so-called “Father of the Italian language”, was born in Florence. During the Discovering Dante Tour, we will visit the Middle Age neighborhood and Dante’s House, the church where he first met Beatrice, her muse. We will see the Baptistery where he was baptised and we will tread the same streets where he walked! Talking about Florence from the point of view of its Middle Ages history, contemporary to the grand writer, you will discover with us his life and that of the Florentines of those times.

Jewish Florence Tour

Walking through the ancient Jewish places, we will learn the history of the Florentine Jewish community, which left important signs in the city. We will see where the ancient ghetto once stood and find out about the relationship between the Medici and the Jewish community through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. You will also learn why a famous Catholic Florentine church shows the Star of David on its façade! Finally, our Jewish Florence tour can finish with a total kosher lunch, after visiting the fascinating synagogue!

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Read our customers’ reviews on Trip Advisor!

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