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Americans in Florence, Sargent and the American impressionists

One of the exibitions that I enjoyed the most in these last years! It celebrates the relationship between many American artists and Florence. Between the end of the XIXth and the XXth century coming to Florence was considered as fundamental for the artistical and cultural education of the individual. This had already happened centuries before with the so called Grand Tour, but now artists coming from the USA choosed Florence in particular and established communities within the city: some of them gave painting lessons during  summer, all of them considered the huge patrimony of Florence as a source of inspiration, they also introduced a refined, cosmopolitan and, in the case of women, unconventional lifestyle. Among the artists that we can see, the cosmopolitan  Winslow Homer, William Morris Hunt, John Lafarge and Thomas Eakins and obviously John Singer Sargent (he was born in Florence and went to the Usa only when he was 20!). Among the true impressionists William Merrit Chase, Frederick Childe Hassam, Frank Duveneck while Mary Cassatt is ideal to observe how different female painters were considered in the Usa where they were allowed to attend academies as well as their male counterparts, whereas in Europe they had no choice but to attend private schools.

This exibition is a splendid journey through the art and the world of this refined and cosmopolitan artists. It’s absolutely enjoyable and worth to be seen during your stay in Florence!

The exibition is at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence from 3rd March to 15th July 2012.

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