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We have selected for you several different activities which differ from the usual touristic visits. Helping us with professional figures we can offer you a wide range of activities that will make you see Florence and Tuscany from a different perspective and learn customs and traditions of the Italian culture. Among the activities that we offer there are relaxing lessons of Yoga in the countryside or a boat ride on the river Arno as well as entertaining cooking classes and shopping tours.

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Boat Tour on the Arno River

A romantic and suggestive tour that you can do in Florence from May to October! It is been so far the most requested tour to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and marriage proposals accompanied by a Prosecco toast on board of a small boat on the river Arno at sunset.  We will go on board of the ancient boats of the “Renaioli” (the men who used to take sand from the river bed, an ancient trade that no longer exists), some of which are a hundred years old. We will observe the city from a different and privileged point of view, admiring the rich palaces along the river, home of ancient families and passing under some of the most beautiful bridges of the city, among which Ponte Vecchio.

Photo Tour of Florence

Our Photo Tour is a tour of the center of Florence, accompanied by your guide and a highly professional photography teacher. Discover with us the most picturesque glimpses, hidden corners and unusual details of Florence. A guided tour and a photography class all at once!

Fashion Tour

This is the perfect tour for all fashion-addicted visitors or simply curious people!
Our fashion tour includes a walk in via Tornabuoni, where the most famous Italian and international fashion boutiques are. Their elegant shops are inside historical palaces that are full of history and worth to be admired. We will walk to the palace at the end of the street, the one which houses Salvatore Ferragamo’s shop with its famous museum. Afterwards, we will go to the Lungarno to cross Ponte Vecchio, arriving at the Galleria del Costume, the Costume Gallery, where we will retrace the history of fashion from the 16th century to nowadays and we will follow the incredible careers of stylists such as Gucci, Ferragamo, and Cavalli. At the end of our Fashion Tour, you can also visit the beautiful Boboli Garden as the entrance fee is included in the museum ticket.

Treasure hunt

Do you have an email address?  If so, have you ever wondered where the @ sign is coming from?  You’ll be delighted to know that the first attestation of @ is from the heart of Tuscany: Florence.  Almost 500 years ago one of the Florentine merchants, Francesco Lapi, sent a letter describing the arrival in Spain of three ships bearing treasure from Latin America: “There, an amphora of wine, which is one thirtieth of a barrel, is worth 70 or 80 ducats”.  And instead of the word “amphora”, Mr Lapi used the now-familiar symbol of “@”.

Want to be like Robert Langdon and discover even more secrets of Florence?  Let Guided Tours of Florence guide you on a treasure hunt through one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  An exciting experience that mixes up learning and entertainment.  Follow the hints spread through the city, look for the answers to the many questions on the art and history of Florence and find the TREASURE!

Pottery Lessons

The Tuscan soil is rich in clay and here pottery has a history almost as old as the Apennines. The Etruscans were the first ones to start shaping it, then embellishing it, elevating it to the level of art. As times have changed, new technologies made the use of other materials possible; however, pottery has continued to shine through the ages, reaching unsurpassed hights in the Renaissance period. The Della Robbia family – one of many who specialized in pottery and reached worldwide fame – consacrated clay-making to an art form.  Learn about the inner strength of clay and experience shaping it to produce, wonderful terracotta objects! Our lessons will be held in the city center of Florence or in the relaxing atmosphere of the nearby Chianti region.

Bicycle Tour in Florence

Both Florence and Lucca can be easily explored on a bicycle, as their centres are pedestrian and distances are so short that you can easily reach even the farthest places. During our bicycle tour of Florence, we will make stops and explain the history and art of our city. You will see the most famous monuments, but also alleys and hidden corners. Together, we will ride on the Lungarno and finish our tour with a fantastic Florentine gelato ! In Lucca we will ride on top of the ancient city walls which still surround the center and then we will go down and ride through the picturesque Medieval streets of the city: you will live a unique and funny experience!

Cooking classes

If you ever wondered why the ‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina’ has become world famous – or, better yet, became interested in training your hand to make and serve the perfect BBQ, consider a cooking class – and leave Florence with one of the most unforgettable gifts anyone could aspire to get.

At Guided Tours of Florence, we have worked with local chefs for many years, and selected a handful who are willing to share their trade secrets with the most curious of guests.  The chef will cook alongside you, showing you how to prepare Florentine specialties  following traditional recipes that date back to before Renaissance times. The cooking classes can be done in Florence or in the Tuscan hills. We use only fresh, seasonal ingredients for our local recipes and later  incorporate the dishes  in our meals. Getting to know the Tuscan cooking means to understand our culture and our history, from the saltless bread to the Vin Santo. It will be very tasty to discover the story of our ancient Tuscan flavors!

Urban Trekking

Not everybody knows that right on the outskirts of Florence, you can unexpectedly find yourself in front of hidden churches, monasteries, or in the middle of fields and olive groves! This beautiful guided urban trekking, suitable for all ages, will conduct you from the center of Florence, along its ancient medieval walls, until the nearby hills. There you can admire the mystical San Miniato church, Piazzale Michelangelo, the Garden of Roses and Villa Gioiello, where the scientist Galileo spent the last years of his life. In addition, many ancient beautiful mansions of historical Florentine families will be right in front of your eyes during our surprising urban trekking!

Shopping tour Personal Shopper

Florence is the second fashion capital in Italy, after Milan. With local manufacturers that have been around for hundreds of years, we can imagine how a shopping trip can be overwhelming and even confusing. At Guided Tours of Florence, we know the local shops and their claims to fame, and take pride in being able to introduce you to local artisans whose skills – and guarantee to stand by the products they create – will make for a very pleasant and trustworthy shopping experience. We can also help you to go to the famous outlets near Florence (The Mall, Barberino Designer Outlet, Valdichiana Outlet Village, among others). There you will find famous Italian and foreign brands, such as Prada, Gucci, Cavalli, Fendi, Armani and many more.

Yoga in Tuscany

After visiting Florence and other Tuscan splendors, what is better than relaxing with a Yoga lesson immersed in the green Florentine countryside? A captivating multi-sense experience listening to Nature’s breath!

Read our customers’ reviews on Trip Advisor!

Read our customers’ reviews on Trip Advisor!

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