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A special birthday present!

Have you ever thought about replacing the usual birthday gift with a guided tour of Florence? Not a boring guided tour full of dates and historical information only, but something especially thought for that person! I’ll give you an example: a month ago we were contacted by a young lady who wanted to make a surprise to her sister who loves fashion. We organised for her a guided tour of the Gallery of Costumes in Pitti Palace and of Ferragamo Museum, followed by a special dinner in a glamourous reastaurant of the city where she was joined by her friends! Another idea could be a tour of the ancient Florentine workshops where one can see the artisans while working gold and silver or doing etching or making the famous Florentine marbled paper. If the person you want to celebrate is in love with Michelangelo, we can plan a tour of his places; another unforgettable  ‘present’ could be a Renaissance Dinner in a beautiful palace of the city; is she/he a wine lover? Then the perfect gift would be a tour of the Chianti with tasting and dinner in an ancient winery! For  your children we can organise a funny Treasure Hunt or a tour of the Assassins’ Creed game places combining fun and history….

We have a lot of ideas for your perfect and ‘different’ gift according to people’s tastes and budget! Just ask us!

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