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A new room at the Uffizi for Michelangeo’s ‘Tondo Doni’

The Uffizi Museum is changing! After the opening of new rooms, the Blue Rooms dedicated to foreigner painters, and the Red Rooms inaugurated last June, another positive change: the famous ‘Tondo Doni’, the only painting surely painted by Michelangelo, has moved to a new room, larger than the previous one and with a better lighting, thus providing a deeper enjoyment of this masterpiece. The red-walled room is the number 35, located on the second floor of the museum, a little bit further than the room where the work has been for more than 60 years.

Next to the ‘Tondo Doni’ there are works by Francesco Granacci who was a friend of Michelangelo and by all the artists who dominated the first years of the XVIth century, such as Frà Bartolomeo, Mariotto Albertinelli, Franciabigio and Andrea del Sarto. In addition, visitors will certainly be stricken by the beautiful Hellenistic statue known as ‘ Ariadne’ placed at the center of the room.

This is just the last of the many changes intending to turn the Uffizi Museum into one of the largest in the world: its surface is going to pass from the present 6,000 square meters to more than 12,000 in the future in order to make it possible to display artworks that are at present in the Uffizi warehouses: in addition, a restaurant will open on the ground floor and a large collection of tapestries will be displayed in the rooms that now form the entrance.

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