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1900 – A new Museum in Florence

Since June 24th a new museum is in town “Museo del 900”. An old hospital called “Spedale delle Leopoldine” in Piazza Santa Maria Novella has become a museum on something that was missing in Florence: early modern art – 1900. Thanks to Alberto della Ragione’s collection it is now possible to visit a permanent exhibition on Giorgio Morandi, Vinicio Berti, Giorgio de Chirico, Arturo Martini, Campigli, Ottone Rosai just to quote some of the painters that don’t have much to do with Renaissance but who are connected with Florence because they have found our town on their way. This museum provides a great value to Florence because it is about 1900 and not only “paintings” but it is also about important facts of the last century, such as the space dedicated to Maggio Musicale, to the fashion week called “Pitti Moda”, 1966 flood, cinema and architecture. A new and very recent gaze on something about history that some of us have lived and still remember, and some of us have heard about from their grandparents. It will be an interesting bridge from past to Florence today.

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